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Contact Centre Managers: The 3 Vital Ingredients For Your Next Corporate Awards Ceremony

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Contact centre advisors must often cope with fast-paced, high-pressure work, so it makes sense to take time out to recognise and reward the people who deliver outstanding results. A contact centre awards ceremony is a great way to do this, but it's important to make sure the event meets its aims. Oversee the best possible awards ceremony with the three following vital ingredients.

Diverse awards that focus on behaviour and results

It's easy to reward contact centre advisors for productivity and effectiveness, but a good awards ceremony will go above and beyond this. While it's important to recognise those people who hit all the productivity targets, customer satisfaction and quality are equally important when deciding the focus of your award ceremony.

Make sure you have a diverse range of awards that recognise every aspect of working in the contact centre. Creative names and definitions for your awards will resonate well with your people, too. For example, instead of rewarding 'best customer service' why not recognise somebody as a 'supreme customer champion'?

Equal opportunities for everyone

While every contact centre has its superstars, an awards ceremony should look for ways to include everyone. If the same group of people seems to win every award, you'll actually disengage everyone else in the team.

You can offer equal opportunities with awards that,

  • Recognise teams, and not individuals.
  • Reward performance from newer recruits.
  • Acknowledge big improvements or changes in behaviour.

Consult everyone in your team to make sure you identify everybody that deserves recognition. Above all, an award ceremony must feel all-inclusive.

Prizes that mean something

An awards ceremony should offer prizes that mean something to the recipients, which isn't always easy. The average Australian contact centre employs 67 people, and you'll almost certainly employ people from diverse backgrounds. As such, you need to consider how to reward people.

Offering a choice works well. For example, some people may want a cash prize, while others may prefer time off to spend with their families. The size of the prize needs to match the achievement, too, and the most valuable prizes should go to the people who achieved the most. Don't assume you have to spend a fortune, though. For some people, a trophy or plaque that simply says 'thank you' is often valuable enough.

A contact centre awards ceremony is a great way to reward great results, so it's worth planning your event properly. Talk to a corporate trophies and awards supplier for more advice.